About Us

Walk down the passage of time and discover the legacy of ancient civilizations. Witness breathtaking architecture set against dazzling landscapes. Listen to the winds that echo with tales of valor and passion. Allow the music and culture to transport you into another world altogether.

Because at Winx Travel, we are dedicated to the idea that nothing should come between you and the best that the Sri Lanka has to offer. Not the scores of rules and regulations to be conformed to. Not the languages spoken in the region.

At Winx Travel we know that no two travelers are identical. That’s why our brochure of itineraries is merely a sample of the tours available, an indication of the scope of services we provide. With the wealth of our experience, we offer you a range of options that will fulfill your dreams and your needs, to help you make the perfect choice. A major strength has been our ability to virtually customize every program.

Ever since we began as destination managers, we have believed it is our business to ensure that personalized planning and efficiency in every aspect of our operations makes every visit you make to Sri Lanka an absolute pleasure.